Friday, September 21, 2012

Decorative Painting and Tole

We're not just Cross Stitch! We have a nice selection of Decorative Painting and Tole books. Some great gift projects for everyone on your list.  Use this link to see many more titles:
Cross Stitch Stash - Decorative Painting

Curtis Boehringer Santa Monthly

Just listed are the Curtis Boehringer Santa Monthly charts. We've also received some out of print Prairie Schooler leaflets that we will have listed in the next few days. Just arrived: Green Apple Beatrix Potter  Cecily Parsley's Nursery Rhymes.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

New listings

We've been busy adding to our vintage cross stitch listings. There are new offerings in the Dale Burdett, Alma Lynne, Homespun Elegance, Beatrix Potter Green Apple and Prairie Schooler categories as well as others. We now have over 5600 titles and still so very many more to list.

As time permits, we are updating some of the photos for our earlier offerings. The quality of the photos with our new scanner are a vast improvement from the grainy scans of the old model.  Please let us know if there are any items that you need clearer photos for and we will be happy to email or update the listing.

We're always happy to order new releases from your favorite designers. Our link to the Hoffman Mall catalogue is on our home page. With 12,000 titles and new releases added every Friday. Your order can be placed through the link or emailed to us for an invoice.

Thanks so much for your continued interest in our items and store. Happy Labor Day weekend.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mini Cross Stitch Lesson- Quarter and Half Stitches

Quarter Stitches, Half Stitches

Mini Cross Stitch Lesson

Fractional stitches (1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 stitches) are easy to do, but can be a little confusing when you see them for the first time on a pattern or chart.
Quarter, half, and three quarter stitches are used to give extra detail to a design.
This design (from Jeanette Crews Designs "Cattitudes. The Thirteenth Litter" (Yarn Tree item K7022)) uses quarter stitches to add more detail to the eyes and nose.
Fractional stitches are shown on the graph by a small symbol filling just a corner of the box. The stitches in the red circles are fractional stitches.

Here is what fractional stitches look like stitched.

Stitched On Aida.
Left to Right: a full cross stitch, a half stitch, a quarter stitch, and a 3/4 stitch. Notice that to do the 1/4 stitch on aida you need to poke the needle through the fabric between the holes.

Stitched On Linen over two threads.
Left to Right: a full cross stitch, a quarter stitch, a half stitch, and a 3/4 stitch.

1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 stitches are all shown the same way on a chart or pattern (with the smaller than normal symbol). You get to decide which stitch to use. Here are my suggestions:
  • If the area is outlined in backstitch, you probably just need a 1/4 stitch. For the design above, I would just do 1/4 stitches.
  • If the area is not outlined in backstitch, use a 3/4 stitch for the detail color and a 1/4 stitch for the background color.
  • If the stitch is next to an unstitched area, use a 3/4 stitch.

Great selection of quilting books now available.

We've just posted quite a few quilting books from American School of Needlework, House of White Birches and That Patchwork Place. A great selection of books from Linda Causee! Most of these are limited supply, out of print. Please stop by soon for best selection.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Cross-stitch Chartpacks

          Recently we have received questions about counted cross-stitch chartpacks. The major concern is are these photocopies of a booklet or leaflet. The answer is, in most cases, yes. Should this be cause for alarm, no, not at all. If you are purchasing from a reputable seller you can be assured that you are receiving an authorized copy from the designer or wholesaler.
          Let’s first understand what a chartpack is and why they are sold. A chartpack is a pattern consisting of either loose pages or one or more folded pages placed in a plastic ziplock or plastic bag with a hanging header card. Occasionally a designer will offer their patterns in chartpack form from the very beginning. We will see hardanger patterns sold this way as well as the traditional booklet form. Many other designers will offer reprints of an earlier published booklet or leaflet in chartpack form. It’s a great way to bring back an older, popular design at a reduced cost to them or just a smaller run.
          Buying a chartpack shouldn’t cause undo alarm. A quick checklist to help in your decision-making:
1)    Is the seller reputable? Do they have an excellent reputation and feedback?
2)    Does the seller have access to NEW charts from a wholesaler or direct from the designers?
3)    Is the seller open to how they acquired the chartpacks?
4)    Read the listing – does it mention chartpack?
While answers to these questions can help you decide whether you wish to purchase a chartpack, it shouldn’t be a deterrent. Even price shouldn’t be a determining factor. A reduced price shouldn’t be a red flag. Just as your grocery store has sales and price reductions, so will your online sellers. Loss-leaders, or products sold at cost or below, are an excellent way to get shoppers in the doors. For internet sales, it really isn’t any different. To offer a low-price on one item and hopefully the customer will purchase more at full-price. It’s just good business. A seller who purchases from a wholesaler or designer(s) can track their “new” purchased pattern stock back to the source. Most importantly, a seller who has cultivated an excellent reputation over many years will not jeopardize that for the sake of a few dollars made on a bootleg chartpack.
This is our understanding of chartpacks and hopefully will remove some of their mystery. If you have anything to add, please let us know.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Welcome.  We're so excited about this next chapter for Cross Stitch Stash. We've now had our webstore open for almost two years and have been so amazed at our growth. Please stop by the store and see our over 5000 offerings for counted cross stitch, crochet, plastic canvas and so much more. This is only the beginning!