Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mosey ‘N Me Counted Cross Stitch – in stock – Cross Stitch Stash

If you are not familiar with Mosey 'N Me designs, you should give them a good look-over.  The charts are folksy, cute, adorable and country.  They could easily blend in with a prim theme also. The covers of the charts always have hand drawn sketches, which are wonderful on their own.  Frank Bielec, along with wife Judy, are the creative designers for Mosey ‘N Me counted cross stitch designs. 

Do you remember Trading Spaces? It was a show where two households swapped homes and redecorated a room with the help of a designer and carpenter.  Watchers will remember Frank from this show.  He was one of my personal favorites and he always added his own hand-crafted creations or mural to the décor. 

We’ve just added a bunch to our site.  Here are a few:

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